Kitty Come Home: Four Ways That May Help Your Feline Find Her Way Home

Posted on: 14 March 2016

If your cat has strayed or if you are concerned that they are lost, help your pet find their way back home. There are some proactive measures that you can take to facilitate your pet's safe return and reunion.

Four tactics that may help your feline find their way home include:

Positive vibes.

Many pet-lovers feel that meditation may help to encourage a lost pet's return home. The "golden cord" meditation is used by many pet psychics and it includes envisioning a cord attached to you on one end and your cat on the other. The ideas is to visualize the route and to gently tug on the cord mentally to guide your pet back home.

Dirty laundry.

Cats have an amazing sense of smell and they typically can pick up scents that will help them find their way. Gather piles of bedding, clothing, or the dirty laundry of your pet's primary human or humans; put these piles in the yard, on the porch, or in spots that may help give your cat the scent of home.

Social media.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Post a photo or flyer in any local yard sale, community activity, or local hot-spot pages, indicating that your pet is lost, with your contact information. Don't advertise a reward unless you are prepared to be inundated with replies, queries, and unlikely leads.

Local authorities.

Print a photo and contact information regarding your cat and drop it at your local police station, animal control office, or town office. Check the website of your local humane society for photos of lost or found pets, and do so frequently.  Notify all of these individuals in the event that your pet returns home or is located, to save them any potential effort.

Help your kitty get found with these tips, too:

  • If your cat has been sighted in a particular area, consider asking the town that you reside in for a cat-trap. These are safe ways to capture a frightened or disoriented cat without harm.
  • Post flyers with very basic info and a very clear picture of your pet. Staple them to poles, signs, or bulletin boards, at eye-level. Color copies are best, and often print shops give per-copy discounts for bulk orders.
  • Leave food near your door, porch or fences. Your cat may simply be in hiding, and will likely come out when they smell food. 

 You can also check with local animal hospitals, such as 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, to see if any lost cats have been returned.