Moving To A Tropical Climate With Your Dog? 3 Reasons To Schedule A Visit To The Vet

Posted on: 23 September 2016

When you're moving somewhere that's an entirely different climate than what both you and your dog are used to, there are likely going to be a long number of changes that you'll need to make. If you're eager to make the move a positive experience and want your dog to be comfortable as well, it's a good idea to visit the veterinarian well before the date of your move arrives. With the following services in mind, you can make sure that your dog is comfortable.

Make sure to fit all the following services into your visit to the clinic so that your dog can be well prepared for your new home.

Have Any Needed Vaccinations Done

The number one thing that you'll need to get taken care of are vaccinations. Many people make the mistake of forgetting that their dog may not be up to date with all of their needed vaccines. With this in mind, you need to look into the area that you're moving to and whether they require certain vaccines.

In some cases, states may require residents to have their dogs vaccinated against a wide number of diseases.

This can make all the difference in whether or not your dog is ready for their arrival in your new home. Tropical climates are often even more problematic when it comes to diseases that can be a threat to your dog, making vaccines a priority before you travel.

Get Up to Date with Flea and Tick Medicine

In order for your dog to be comfortable in a new tropical climate, you need to make sure that they are properly given flea and tick medication. Tropical climates often come with an influx of bugs, making these medicines essential for preventing flea and tick infestations. This is especially true if you enjoy taking your dog outside on walks in the nature and will be spending time in areas that your dog will be more vulnerable to fleas and ticks.

Extensive Grooming Can Be Helpful

While you may already take care of grooming on your own or with a visit a local groomer, the vet can help even more so. The help of a vet can get you is getting their nails trimmed short, their fur trimmed, and other services that can be vital for keeping your dog in good health.

With the above services in mind, you can have an enjoyable visit to the vet and get the care that your dog needs for the move to be easy on them. Contact a facility like Bodily Veterinary Clinic for more info.