Why You Should Get Your Dog Spayed

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Did you purchase a female puppy and are trying to decide if you should get her spayed or not? Spaying your dog is actually very beneficial because it can prevent her from getting breast cancer if the procedure is done before she first goes into heat. There are numerous other benefits that stems from getting a dog spayed as well. The article below will list some of the benefits of spaying so you can make a decision about getting it done.

Your Dog Will Not Become Sexually Frustrated

Just like a human can become sexually frustrated when going for long periods without having sexual intercourse, so can a dog. If your dog is not around male dogs when she is in heat, it can interfere with her mood. You might notice that she isn't as playful as usual, or she might by a lot more excited and start humping your leg or objects that are around the house. Spaying will prevent sexual frustration because your dog won't feel a strong desire to sex, as estrogen will no longer be produced to create the urge.

Your Pet Will Not Develop Pyometra

Getting your dog spayed will help you avoid having to deal with her getting a condition that is known as Pyometra. Basically, the disease will lead to your dog having a uterus lining that is thicker than normal. The thickness of the uterus is the result of it filling up with a lot of pus. Pyometra can make your pet become ill and need to undergo surgery, which can be expensive. Failing to treat the disease can even lead to death, but you won't have to worry about it if you make sure your dog's uterus is removed in advance.

Your Dog's Behavior Will Be Better

When a dog goes into heat, she may begin urinating inside of the house instead leaving out the doggie door, and she may also stop signaling you to open the door so she can go outside to urinate. Another behavioral problem that dog's experience when in heat is constant crying as though she is in pain when there is really nothing wrong. The crying comes from your pet wanting to mate with another dog and not being able to. Unless you want your dog to have puppies one day, you can't go wrong with getting her spayed. Make an appointment with a veterinarian, like Akaal Pet Hospital, so the procedure can be performed.