4 Dog Care Tips Not To Overlook

Posted on: 31 March 2016

As a dog owner, taking care of your dog's health is a huge part of your responsibility that you take on when you bring them into your home. Dogs can suffer from many health problems that come with lack of care that can not only be expensive to treat, but also devastating. Here are four dog care tips that many dog owners don't take seriously, but you should:

  1. Always Have Fresh Water: Filling your dog's water bowl only once a day or only when you notice that it is empty is not the best way to ensure that your dog is staying hydrated. Letting the water get dirty can lead to your dog getting a UTI from drinking the dirty water. Having clean and fresh water available to your dog at all times ensures that they are staying hydrated in the best way possible. Also, always be sure that you carry water around for your dog when you go out. 
  2. Provide Your Dog With Exercise: Aside from taking your dog out for a small walk, there should be other ways you are providing them with the right amount of exercise. Taking your dog to a dog park to play fetch or to run around with other dogs is great for social skills and exercise. Without the right amount of exercise, your dog can become obese, which causes a number of problems, including heart failure. 
  3. Teach Your Dog to Listen to Certain Commands: Teaching your dog to listen to some basic commands, such as sit and stay is important not only for disciplinary reasons, but also for safety. You don't want your dog running in the street, after all. If they are able to listen, this type of dangerous situation can be avoided. You will also want them to listen to simple commands to prevent them from biting or chasing after animals that can be carrying diseases. 
  4. Don't Forget Dental Care: Taking your dog to the vet regularly is not enough. You should also be taking them to a veterinarian dentist who will be sure that your dog doesn't have any problems with decay. If your dog has tooth decay, it can be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to eating. This can cause problems with your dog getting enough nutrients that they need. 

When you follow these basic dog care tips, you can be sure that you are providing the best care for your dog to prolong their life and make it more meaningful.