How To Identify Dog Fighting And How To Help

Posted on: 13 April 2016

Though the sadistic act of dog fighting is illegal, it is estimated that there are tens of thousands of people in the US participating in this heinous activity. The best way to help the animals used and abused in this crime is to contact the authorities when you have suspicious about illegal dog fighting in your area. Don't know how to identify if this is going on? There are some things that you can look for that point to dog fighting:


Though Pitbulls are the most common breed associated with this horrific activity, other breeds frequently used for fighting include Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, the Akita Inu, and Shar Peis. Many smaller breeds of dogs are used as "bait dogs" which amounts to these animals being sacrificed in the training of the larger dog, to promote viciousness and the thirst for blood.


If you suspect a dog is being used in fighting, there will likely be some sign of injury to the animal. Look for scars on the dog's face, front legs, or hind quarters. Another indication is when the dog has mangled ears or exhibits puncture wounds to any part of their body.


The environment used to contain dogs used in fighting are another way to detect when criminal activity is going on. These dogs are most often kept out-of-sight, on chains, and are not typically exposed to other animals in a social context. There may be numerous cages, but little physical interaction between the dogs themselves, which creates an antisocial animal.


Another way to identify when dogfighting might be an issue is when there are a large number of dogs kept at a property. If you observe people coming and going at all hours, this is another sign that dogfighting, an illegal act, is occurring.

Suspect someone of participating in this gruesome crime? Look for these other signs:

  • If you see short wooden sticks, called 'breaking sticks', which are used to unlock the animal's jaws during a fight.
  • Some equipment, like treadmills and cat mills (also called a "jenny"), are signs of training dogs to be used in fighting.
  • If you see something resembling a fighting pit, this may point to dogfighting. There are typically lines scratched into the arena known as 'scratch marks' which are used during the course of the fight.
  • If you spot an inordinate amount of veterinary medications, vitamins, and supplements, it may be another sign that animals are being used for this illegal activity.

If you suspect such activity, contact the police in your area. If you find a dog that seems to have been the victim of dog fighting, contact an emergency animal hospital for help. For more information or advice, consider contacting a professional like those at Bay Street Pet Suite Hotel & Day Spa.