5 Reasons To Spay Your Cat

Posted on: 27 May 2016

If you bring home a female kitten, you should take it in and have it spayed before it is old enough to come into heat. There are many reasons why spaying your cat is a good idea, and you can learn about 5 of these reasons in this article.

You won't end up adding to the kitten population

There are already so many kittens out there that are in need of homes. If you allow your cat to have a litter, then those kittens will need homes, and if they don't get fixed, then those kittens will all grow up to have their own litters. This will add to the already massive kitten population. Spaying your cat will prevent this from happening.

You won't have to deal with a cat in heat

When female cats are in heat, they can be loud and obnoxious. They will repeatedly meow in a very loud and moaning voice. They will also be overly friendly, to the point where they won't leave you alone and will be at your feet constantly. They will also try to get out of the house any chance they get so they can run the neighborhood looking for a mate.

You can prevent male cats from destroying your property

When you have a female cat in heat, you may find that the male cats in the neighborhood will come to your house and try to get to her. They can be quite violent in their quest, even damaging your window screens and scratching at the exterior of your walls, trying to get inside. The males will also mark their territory around your house. They do this by spraying a very foul and strong spray. They can spray it anywhere, including on your exterior walls, on your flower beds, on your car tyres and anywhere else. The smell will be difficult for you to get rid of.

You can prevent cats from fighting

When the make cats line up outside of your house, they will also compete for access to your cat by fighting one another. It won't be uncommon for the males to make a very loud and disturbing ruckus at all hours of the night as they violently fight one another.

Reduce your cat's risk of developing certain types of cancer

Spaying your cat will also reduce their chances of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. The sooner you spay them, the better the chances will be of preventing cancer.

For more information and advice on spaying, visit your local veterinary hospital